10 Cannabis Strains to Try for Sleep

Best Strain for Sleep

Like exercise and diet, getting the Best Strain for Sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle. A typical person should try to get seven hours of rest every night, as per the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

Many adults struggle with sleeping enough. Perhaps you have the challenge of falling asleep. Maybe it’s getting to sleep that’s the problem for you.

Although the standard recommendations of staying away from caffeine during the afternoon, exercising, and restricting time spent on screens before bed can help improve your sleeping habits, they’re not always enough.

This is one reason why a rising quantity of patients is looking into cannabis as a possible sleep aid. But is it beneficial? What strains of cannabis are the best strains for sleeping?

Let’s look at what experts know and don’t about the Best Strain for Sleep and cannabis and some of the strains that can aid in getting some sleep.

First, Can Cannabis Actually Help You Sleep?

It’s not yet the time in the field of research into the effects the cannabis plant has on your sleep patterns, scientists have made some interesting discoveries regarding THC and CBD, which are one of the best-known cannabis cannabinoids.


For many years scientists have conducted studies on what happens to THC, the cannabinoid most accountable for the “high” associated with cannabis.

A 2022 review by Trusted Source research suggests that THC can assist people in falling asleep quicker and staying asleep for longer. REM sleep is also reduced, and dreams occur during this period.

The authors mention that people may have different levels of tolerance to THC according to how frequently they use the substance. The things that help an occasional user sleep may not work for someone who regularly uses cannabis.

It is also noted that many research studies on cannabis and Best Strain for Sleep are not high-quality and, therefore, difficult to draw solid conclusions.

Many are concerned that stopping cannabis can lead to withdrawal, affecting sleep. However, a thorough analysis of the research on this issue reveals that the research is not consistent.


In the last few years, researchers have been studying the impacts of CBD, which is a non-painful cannabinoid present in higher amounts in certain strains of cannabis.

The studies that are part of the review for 2022 mentioned earlier suggest that THC is a tranquilizer and effects of sedation, as CBD can be a stimulant. The authors point out that CBD users have reported a small improvement in their Best Strain for Sleep length and quality.

They also mention that Sativas, a mouth spray that contains nearly identical amounts of CBD and THC, has been discovered to enhance sleep in patients suffering from Best Strain for Sleep disturbances caused by pain.

It’s The Verdict:

There’s no concrete solution to the sleep-and-cannabis debate. Perhaps THC is the most potent ingredient. It could be CBD. It could be a combination of both.

To complicate things, some theories suggest that terpenes, the substances which give cannabis its flavor and aroma, are a significant factor in the best marijuana for sleep effects.

Although there’s no research-based evidence to support this idea, the cannabis review website Leafly utilized self-reported aggregated information to determine which terpenes appeared to be the most effective in relieving insomnia.

The researchers suggest that strains that are high in these terpenes might be a suitable choice best Indica strains for sleeping, such as:

  • Terpinolene
  • Myrcene
  • Caryophyllene

Based on all this, it’s clear that cannabis with a moderate to a small amount of THC and some CBD might be helpful for those new to cannabis. If you feel it’s not working, you could consider a different strain or one containing a bit higher THC.

Indica and Sativa, Hybrid, Do They Have Any Significance?

In addition to THC, CBD, and terpenes There’s also the matter of Sativa versus Indica.

Cannabis menus typically categorize cannabis as Indica, Sativa, or a mixture of both according to the plant’s source.

Cannabis sativa-derived plants are known for their energizing properties as opposed to those derived from the cannabis Indica plant, which is believed to induce sedation. Hybrids lie somewhere between, based on how powerful the Sativa and Indica components are.

But, not all users are experiencing these symptoms. Botanists have pointed out the absence of differences in molecular structure between the two varieties. They look different (Sativa tends to be taller, with smaller leaves, while Indica looks more extensive and has a more rounded appearance).

Although far from perfect, the distinction between Sativa and Indica helps determine your best product.

Best Strain for Sleep:

Many people have reported positive results using the following strains for getting a good night’s rest. Keep in mind that strains may differ from one brand to the next. Therefore, your experience may differ depending on the brand you select.

Hindu Kush:

Depending on the amount of THC present in the item, Hindu Kush can be appropriate for moderate to advanced users looking for a potent Indica that has been reported to ease the restless into sleep.

THC and CBD contents:

  • THC between 15 and 32 percent
  • CBD: 1 percent

Granddaddy Purple:

This is a different Indica strain that is purple and is well-known for its relaxing, sedating effects. It’s a well-known cultivar adored by sleep-deprived people But beware of the THC content! If you’re unsure if you know cannabis, you should be aware of the middle-to-high portion of the spectrum.

THC and CBD contents:

  • THC: 12.5 to 32 percent
  • CBD: 1 percent


If you’re worried about the psychoactive properties of THC, studies suggest that taking THC along with a good quantity of CBD could help to ease Anxiety Medication.

Harlequin is a “1:1” cultivar containing nearly the same amount of CBD in addition to THC. It’s an excellent choice for those new to cannabis or who find that high-THC products cause anxiety or fear. More CBD content could also be better for those who suffer from sleep disorders that cause pain.

THC and CBD contents:

  • THC is between 7 and 15 percent.
  • CBD: 8-10 percent

Grape Ape:

Are you interested in trying the possibility of a strain high in myrcene, which is among the terpenes believed to be the Best Strain for Sleeping? Take a look at Grape Ape, which can be moderate to high in quantity of THC and is generally high in this earth-based compound.

THC and CBD contents:

  • THC 15 to 25 percent
  • CBD: 1 percent

Girl Scout Cookies:

Those with experience seeking a potent sleep aid may want to look into Girl Scout Cookies. It is a high-THC, Indica-dominant hybrid. It’s also high in caryophyllene, a different Terpene that could be useful to help you sleep.

THC and CBD contents:

  • THC: 25-28 percent
  • CBD: 1 percent

Pink Kush:

A widespread strain loved by those who drink at night, Pink Kush can be described as another favorite Indica from the kush family, with relaxing effects for the body.

THC and CBD contents:

  • THC The THC range is 12 to 35 percent.
  • CBD: 1 percent


While research conducted by Trusted Source suggests that THC is the primary reason behind cannabis’ sedating effects, it’s unclear whether you have to take the amount of it.

ACDC combines a small amount of THC and greater levels of CBD. Be aware that CBD can make you feel alert.

THC and CBD contents:

  • THC between 1 and 6 percent
  • CBD: 14-20 percent


Many people enjoy this particular Gelato Strain to hang out with their friends, but it’s also known to provide warm, soothing effects that can be beneficial to relax at home.

THC and CBD contents:

  • THC 17-25 percent
  • CBD: 1 percent


Also called Sunset Peach Sherbert is another variety often said to possess warming, relaxing effects beneficial for social gatherings and before-bed routines.

THC and CBD contents:

  • THC 15-24 percent
  • CBD: 1 percent

Wedding Cake strain:

A cross of Cherry Pie and GSC, Wedding Cake can have relaxing and calming effects. However, look out for its appetite-stimulating effects and consume it following dinner if you’re heading to bed.

THC and CBD contents:

  • THC 16-25 percent
  • CBD: 1 percent

Tips for using:

The timing of the onset of the effects of various cannabis products may differ. If you are taking edibles, take them at least a couple of hours before sleeping — best to eat a light meal before bed.

If you are vaping or smoking, the time to start is considerably shorter. You can consume cannabis earlier than the time of bed.

Potential side effects:

Cannabis may also cause harmful effects that can be uncomfortable, especially for new customers.

Based on the kind of cannabis you use as well as your tolerance to THC the THC can result in:

  • The Feeling of Paranoia or Fear
  • Insomnia
  • Drool
  • An Increase In Appetite
  • Dry Mouth
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Slower Reaction Time
  • Problems of Coordination

If you’re beginning to learn about cannabis, begin by going low and slow using the lower THC strain. Use just a tiny amount at a time.

It’s The Bottom Line:

Although there are many positive stories of Cannabis’s Effects on sleep, The results will vary from person to person. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t feel what others have reported. You may need to spend some time finding the right product.

Be aware that research on the subject isn’t a lot. Although many claims that cannabis helps Best Strain for Sleep, it’s unclear how much you should consume and whether it has long-term effects on cognitive or sleep quality.

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